VST Connect Performer - the mic signal latency sensitive?

I want to record a client using VST Connect Pro that I have. The problem is, that client when monitoring though VST Connect Performer hears the latency. The more the bufffer he increases the more latency he has (it’s obvious). He has Apogee Symphony Desktop and the lowest latency he has is 64 samples. It’s still to high for him. So, is there any way to have direct monitoring (no latency at all)? He can directly monitor through Apogee, but he doesn’t hear eighter me nor the playback from VST connect then. And when he sums direct signal from preamp and the signal from VST Performer he ovelays two vocal signals. One from preamp and seconds slightly delayed for VST Perfomer. Where is the mistake we make?

Try to mute the Performer Mic channel, does that help? The faders in the Performer mixer are only for monitoring (what Performer hears), they don‘t have any outcome on the Studio side.

Ok, but tell me, how it should normally work? Is monitoring though VSt Connect Performer latency sesitive?

Dear VST Connect Performer users, could you tell me how do you deal with latency while monitoring though VST Connect Performer.

You are not beeing very specific. You mentioned 64 samples, this is probably not what you mean. If you listen via speakers, the Performer will hear himself with a delay while chatting (transport not started), use headphones, VST Connect does not provide echo cancellation. If you still experience delay, make sure the „Rehearse“ button in the VST Connect plugin is not activated. Still problems? Then try empty project, create VST Connect, that would be how you “normally” deal with it.

I’m talking about Asio buffer size: 64 samples. It’s counted in miliseconds or samples, isn’t it? In VST Connect Performer the buffer size is in samples (you can find it in settings tab).
When I watch the tutorials on YouTube, the persons that are recorded monitor themselves though VST Connect Performer . That means that when their bufer size is set to e.g. 512 samples they hear themselves with latency. That is what my client experiences when he monitors himself through VST Con Perf. Of course you can set the lower buffer size possible and that’s what we did. But even 64 samples buffer is not makig my client comfortable. We followed Your advice and turned down mic fader and used the monitoring directly from the Apogee Symphony and it worked. Simple solution!!! Thank you very much!!!
But my question is, if VST Connect Performer has something like Direct Monitoring (like in Cubase) that takes input signal before ASIO buffer to monitor wihout any latency?
I ask, because when I see guys recording on YT it doesn’t seem they record with latency or… they just set the buffer e.g. 128 samples and don’t care about little latency.

VST Connect Performer works like Cubase. A channel gets its input from the connected hardware port, processes the data, and puts it out to the main channel to its connected hardware output port. This is like with any DAW. As such, you get i/o latency 2 times blocksize unless you use direct monitoring and mute the routed signal. Direct Monitoring is a feature of the hardware only.