VST Connect Performer Warning - an incompatible version

“Somebody tries to connect to you, but uses an incompatible version” http://www.filmylego.pl/Cloud/index.php/s/rOvTEtlPxXYEPdF - there is something like that… sometimes, with some friends only, with others not. We tried to use login and pw and ID. Studio: Cubase Pro 10.5 64 / free Performer 4.0.2

I have this exact same problem. I upgraded to Cubase 10.5 and VST Connect Performer is now incompatible (although it is a 4.0.30 - the prerelease). It worked before. If we go back to 4.0.20 (the last working one), it does not support midi (but the pre-release does). Can someone fix this?

Did you get this resolved? I have a similar problem. I have Cubase 10.5.12 on a PC. My buddy installed VST Connect Performer 4.0.30 on his Mac and we both got the ‘incompatible version’ message when trying to connect. He uninstalled 4.0.30 and installed 4.0.20. Then he got a blank shell with no buttons working and was not able to log in. He re-installed 4.0.30 and could log in again but now we both get the ‘incompatible version’ message again.

+1 on this… same problem here

+1 - also here the same issue. Created a support ticket at steinberg today. Let’s wait then … or did anyone get it resovled by now ?

II have the same problem/

go to connectvst.com and download the versions there on BOTH the performer AND studio end

it updates both the Pro and the SE versions

Same issue I cannot connect Cubase Pro 10.5.12 to Connect Performer 4.0.40 - it gives the message that the versions are incompatible.

I tried the post by dr and it had no effect - same problem

Hi Lsd9 - are you trying to connect over the internet. What versions of the studio and performer app are you using (don’t assume - check it by clicking the vst connect icon on the bottom right)

communication is sometimes difficult…we only now learned that version 4.0.42 is actually officially available here:
And version 4.0.43 is in the making, we’ll let you know asap.

4.0.42 isn’t available, only VST CONNECT PERFORMER 4.0.43 PRE-RELEASE* or VST CONNECT PERFORMER 4.0.20


Musi’s comment was posted in the 20th April and you’ve responded to it on the 8th May. Between then, thanks to the devs making constant updates, there has been a new release. Hope this clear things up for you. Both the latest versions are available from the download page on their respective ‘separate’ links.

I’m sorry, but what you write is not correct. Where’s the new version “thanks to the devs making constant updates”?
The latest version (on 8th May) is still 4.0.43.

Today is the 8th of May. The update was released today. It’s the latest update.

Thank you Steve,
thank you fuzzydude!