VST Connect Pro 3 / VST Connect SE

I have tried for a couple of days to get these plug-ins to work and they simply do not! I can get as far as being able to record remotely but the performer cannot listen to any sort of playback. After a long frustrating day (8 hours) of trying to get this to work and trying different sound cards, all troubleshooting efforts were not enough to get playback in the headphones of the performer. I even tried different computers! Also, after hours of trying different combinations of settings I was finally able to record, but what good is that if the performer cannot record with any playback as the timing will be completely off. Also, the plug-in at times (lights) of connection stay red and no longer work until I either restart Cubase Pro 8 or restart my computer. Setting up this to even get to record is not just a few clicks. Also, it was beneficial at times to rename the Network Name, but this shouldn’t be. The idea of remote recording is great, but I’m glad I was able to use the trial version of VST Connect Pro 3. I was ready to pay for the software, and I am honestly relieved that I did not. I have been a Cubase user for years and it’s by far my preferred DAW, but please Steinberg! Please, please, PLEASE work on this. Why isn’t there a detailed tutorial on how to properly set this up? Probably because it can not be set up at this point. :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp:

Read the manual. Start a new project, choose menu Project/VST Connect/Create Vst Connect. That’s all there is to it (you may have to assign your Talkback Mic in Devices/VST Connection/Studio tab once).
To send playback channels to the Performer you use the Audio Channels cue sends (make sure they are visible in the Rack settings). If you don’t know what cue sends are and have never recorded somebody in a studio next door to whom you fed a cue mix, you may want to start to familiarize yourself with basic studio recording techniques in the first place.

Don’t know what you mean by “rename the Network Name”. VST Connect requires a good internet connection; if you can for instance stream videos without hiccups and haven’t messed with VST Connect settings, there should be no problems with networking.

musicullum, I did all of that. I sent the Cue Sends and everything you mentioned. It does not work.

It does not work meaning the Performer cannot hear you talking and no playback sent from the cues?
Pls check the following:

  • does the Control Room have a cue channel with the VST Connect Cue plugin?
  • do the meters in this channel move when you speak or play back audio?
  • is the Performers’ Master Channel (the first one in the VST Connect mixer) set to a functioning audio hardware output (top of the channel strip)?
  • are this Master channels’ meters moving?
  • do the Performers’ “Studio” channel meters move?
  • are all LEDs in your VST Connect plugin green?

I’m not seeing any volume meters in the VST Connect channel. I’ve made multiple adjustments, but can’t seem to get it to route audio through it.

So - that implies (or not?) that

  • the meters in your Cubase Studio cue channel are moving
  • there is the VST Connect Cue plugin in the Studio Cue channel
  • you are connected to the Performer
  • all LEDs are green?
    That would indeed be odd.

Yes everything else is moving except the VST Connect volume meter. The lights are all green. I’ll keep trying. Thanks for your help.