VST Connect Pro 4.0.40 maintenance update released

Dear forum members,

today we have released the maintenance update for VST Connect Pro and VST Connect Performer.

A detailled Version History as well as the download installers are available from the
Support Download pages or via the Steinberg Download Assistant.

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Hi. I tried to make the installation of the Performer app but something didn’t worked. It didn’t finish the installation saying that is nothing more to do.

Hi, please uninstall your current VST Connect version. Then please try again. It works …?

Actually I don’t have any previous installed version. Thanks for help. I desativated my antivirus too.

No. It didn’t work.

Ok. I am sorry.

You are running a Brazilian Windows version, right? Which Windows version exactly? We need to talk to the Installer colleagues. Every detail is important. But we cannot do something before Monday.

See you,

Attached is the system of the computer where I want to install the Vst Performer

Good morning. I was informed that is not available in 32 bit and this computer has only this option. Thanks for the help.

Good afternoon,

I recently updated cubase to the latest version of 9.5 pro I could find and installed VST performer on another computer on a different network. Both current versions. When I try to connect to a friend ( other laptop) I get this message “Sorry, connection failed. Make sure both sides use the same up to date version.”
I tried getting the VST Connect Pro demo as I assumed it would be the latest and I had just downloaded Performer so that would be as well. But had the same result.
I have the Cubase 10.5 demo now and will give that a shot. Maybe VST connect SE in 10.5 is the true “latest version”

Anyone else had this issue?

Thanks a lot!!!

Try connectvst.com, but make sure to install it on both ends. It works for SE as well.

Hello everyone,
I use Cubase Pro 10.5 64 bit with VST-Connect Pro and the current VST Connect Performer app for the iPad. Unfortunately, no connection can be established. I spent a lot of money here and actually want to work with it. I ask for help.


hi Kleini - best start a new thread detailing the problems - error messages - OS version - connect vst version etc etc

nobody can really help if you don’t give more information.