VST Connect Pro 4.0.42 crashes Nuendo 10.2.2 during recording.


System: Win 10 (1903) 64boit
Nuendo: 10.2.20 (latest)
VST Connect: Pro 4.0.42

After setting up, and connecting to the performer via 1gbit/s studio line and 100mbit performer line, at first it works ok.
After some minutes and a bit of jumpung around in a session, nuendo suddently crashes down to the desktop!!
No crashdump was written.
This happend several times in a row yesterday!
We had to swich back to SessionLinkPro to get the job done :frowning: !

We done full system restarts, new sessions, and so on - but since we had to get some work done we needed to switch products.
It was our first real try with VST connect, didn’t work as expected.

I can’t use VST Connect at this point at all. There is no trust in it from us (studio), the artist (voice talent), or the client. :frowning: !

any help is very welcome! We are a bigger Poststudio in germany and would like to help make VST connect more popular over here, but at least it should work then.

I can provide more details as DM if needed.


We are very close to version 4.0.43 wich has several fixes and improvements.
Also, for post related question you may PM me (auch deutsch).

Thank you - will do right away!