VST connect Pro 5.0.20 Midi note info ok but CC64 time stamp totally out

Recording a piano performance, simultaneously midi and audio.
The note info works very well, but the sustain pedal begin at bar 9128???
audio track is ok and in sync with the note info.

Anybody got this weird behaviour?
MAC 10.15.7
Cubase 11
est connect pro 5.0.20 585 both ends

Jean Roy

looking into it…

I do have the midi file if you need it!

Sorry it took so long, a lot on the list.
Just tested this, empty Cubase project, Create VST Connect, Instrument track input VSt Connect. Connected to Performer. Performer plays MIDI keyboard with pedal (CC 64) and Studio records; the sustain pedal is right in place where it was pressed during the performance.
How did you get to this result precisely?

Well, the onlu=y difference is that I used a midi track instead of the instrument track, and I recorded the audio from the performer at the same time which was fine)

Anyway that I can send you the midi file if you want to take a look?

Thanks for the offer, but not sure what I should do with that. It’s not that we don’t beleive you, the question is how this would happen. We also checked the code and there is nothing suspicious, meaning to say controllers are treated no different than notes. Maybe this was a one time thing, or can you reproduce it anytime?

I did try it twice with the same result with one friend. I will try it again and see.
I am not a newbie, I use music software for 25 years at least…

Thanks in the meantime!

OK, I just tried it.
Same ting happens with either a midi or instrument track.
All the note info register properly but the CC64 begin at bar 11250…

I have saved the project if you want to look at it!
Jean roy

sure, however as said, it’s not that we don’t beleive you. Proof in the form of a project with wrong timestamps for C64 still does not tell us how it got there, and I find it strange that we can’t reproduce it here. When Performer transmits MIDI to Cubase/Nuendo, controllers are not beeing treated any different than notes.
What keyboard and MIDI interfacing does the Performer use? Also audio blocksize and sample rate might be interesting.

Keyboard = Casio PX-300, midi interface E-MU X-MIDI 2X2.
But the thing is that if i record the audio of that keyboard, the CC64 obviously works.

sample rate 44.1 kHz. not sure about the audio block size, I use all the default settings of VST connect pro.

i don’t know which time zone you are, but we could try it together. Currently, I don’t have anyone else to test it with!


Hi jeancello, currently we are doing some more investigations to the midi-transfer topic. Well return to you soon.

See you, Michael.

… we have found the bug. We are really sorry for it. The next version will fix your problem.

Have a nice time,

Good!, I hope it will be out soon, I have several recording to do!


Jean Roy