VST Connect PRO 5.5.40 sync and crashes issues

Hi there :slight_smile: !

After some initial problems, I was able to record. Some of the issues were: the video was freezing on the performer’s Mac, I was getting the signal from his talback and not from the instrument until he swapped the instrument with the mic physically on the card inputs, etc.

When downloading the HD files of the recording, Cubase placed the first take out of time. This happened twice. I just read that you have to be at the 00:00:00.00 position for this to work properly, but I’m not sure what that means… Do I have to go to the beginning of the song once the recording has finished, before I can get the HD files?

There were also some Cubase crashes when I tried to close the project (once saved). This is annoying. Since upgrading to Cubase 12 I have been experiencing Cubase crashes for different reasons: SpectraLayers 9 crashes, Cubase crashes, now VST Connect PRO… I haven’t had these issues until version 12. Could they be related to the new protection system?

Kind regards.