VST Connect Pro 5.5.40: transfered audiofiles incomplete

Hey everyone,

i had very big problems today with the function “Get HD Files” in VST Connect Pro 5.5.40.
The program added the tracks and copied the audio-files, but most of these audio-files were transfered incompletly. about 14 frames at the end, the audio-signal in these files stopped imediatly. After this i tried to copy the orignal data of my session, but i cannot import them into my session. Not even on exporting them out of the VST Performer, I couldn’t reimport them into my session. I had to work 3 hours more to import and place all the .wav files out of the VST Performer safety, which worked. Anybody faced the same error and have solutions for this, if that happens once more?

Is this bug a known issue?

Greetings, Joe

Sorry to hear that. Did you have the Talent use the “Export for Get Local” option in Performer? This creates a zip file on Performers’ computer that he or she can send to you, for import via “Get Local HD Files”.
You may consider to wait shortly after a take (14 frames sounds like approx 1/2 second) before stopping to record, so to make sure the end time is not set too early. We will check to improve that with the next version, should we find a flaw.

I used that option, but could not reimport it after the “Get HD Files”. Once i download the HD Files directly via VST Connect, it seems to be impossible to reimport the local files.

I had a 5 seconds delay caused to a not very high upload. this is, why i put 6 seconds into post-roll to get 1 second post-roll at all. I checked the local files and this audio-signal stopping issue cannot faced there. The local files are completely intact. I had to import them all manualy. But why did the downloading HD-Files this strange issue?

Maybe it would be good as well to have an option to import these .xml files via the option “import track archive” to have a second option if the downloading files failed.

Greetings, Joe

That is true. You should import into a project that was saved before “Get HD Files”.
You may also try to delete (or move elsewhere) the hd files that were imported, then open the project, and try “Get Local HD Files” again.

The VST Connect plugin cannot change or use Nuendo functions, sorry. But the wave files have a timestamp, so if all else fails you should be able to re-import them at their original recording positions.
“Get local HD files” is closest to what you request. It is a good idea to save a version of the Nuendo project before applying Get (Local) HD Files.
I just wonder why the files were too short in the first place, we will have to check that.

That is, what I’ve done after nothing works. But took 3-4 hours to

That is what I missed that day. Cause I did this download works the last times very well.

But this could be a nice hint, I will check this out soon. Thanks for the hint

Sorry if I red fast but I just want to bring up a problem I had recording a session with Vst connect 4. I was recording the performer (Voice Over) And while he was recording… I was edinting some previous takes… move cut in/out etc…
Turned out to be a mess in the end because from what I remember if you start editing but HD has not been transfer … or rec is in progress than files have a problem in the end and I had to ask the performers folder to manually resync 50% of them.
Not saying it’s your problem here but just in case it helps.

In general it is possible to edit during a session. But that may become a complex issue especially when older recordings become involved, before they were obtained with Get HD, so editing before Get HD should be restricted to the current session, and older recordings should have been aquired via Get HD beforehand.