VST Connect Pro 5.5 VST3 plug-in not available in DAWS

I just started attempting to use VST Connect Pro 5.5 with Mac OSX 10.14.6 using MOTU DP 10.01 and Ableton Live 10.
The VST Connect VST3 plug-in is in the VST3 folder located in the HD/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST3 folder.
I have two Daws that support VST3 and the VST Connect plug-in doesn’t show up in either DP or Live’s VST3 lists. I forced DP to re-examine the plug-ins. Still no VST connect.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but here I am…

It’s Cubase/Nuendo only. I did just notice this isn’t stated on the main product page. I do hope you are testing the trial version!

For reference: System requirements | Steinberg

This is the question I posted to the Steinberg FB page:
{I’m curious about Steinberg’s VST Connect Pro.

  1. Does it require Cubase or Nuendo or can it be used in other daws that support VST.}
    This is the answer I got.
    [Hi, yes it is a VST3 Plug-in as long as your DAW supports VST3 it should be fine.

The client does not require VST Connect pro just the performer, which he can download for free from our website. Also, Cubase and Nuendo Pro include VST Connect SE. You can just download the trial and test it yourself: ]

Thanks for clearing it up.
I did get it to show up in DP as a enabled plug-in but so far I can’t seem to get any VST3’s to work in DP. In Live I can load VST3’s but it doesn’t “see” VST Connect.

Hm. If Steinberg staff on Facebook say it should work, maybe there’s more to this than I thought… but I have always been under the impression that VST Connect works thanks to its deep integration with Cubase/Nuendo.

The developers of VST Connect participate here frequently, they will have authoritative answer. @musicullum

Hi Michael_ortega,

Steve is right: VST Connect supports only Cubase and Nuendo.
But I am curious: DP has listed VST Connect in your plug-in list? And/Or, are you able to open VST Connect inside DP?

Thank you,

Looks like it should be made more clear that this is only for Cubase and Nuendo (yet).