VST Connect Pro 5.6 Weird Digital Feedback

Hi all. Weird digital feedback when in “Normal mode”, goes away when “rehearse mode”. Played with Sample rates last week and it went away for one session, opened same session, back again, tried the same sample rate adjustments and no luck. Anyone have any ideas I can try or time to run a quick session with me to troubleshoot? VST Connect Pro 5.6 and final version Cubase Pro 11. Please help! AEST

check your routing, you may have created a feedback loop? So far this has never been reported.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I found another instance of this mentioned from someone in 2022. Mentioning a fax machine sound on playback. Not sure they found a solution. Through some fiddling, I managed to find a temporary fix by going into their Performer settings and switching to the generic asio driver, then switching back to their hardware asio driver. Somehow the re-initialising of their driver fixes the glitching. We closed the session and reopened it and the glitch is back. Did the driver swap again and fixed. Will continue using this temporarily till I find a proper permanent solution. Would love to test with someone else to see if it’s just that particular interface or something on my end. All routing is fine and works otherwise.
Thanks again.

After years of using VST Connect with one of my ‘performers’ this issue occurred recently with us. We too did some ‘fiddling’, but we not able to resolve the problem. I didn’t try rehearse mode or switch the driver, so thanks for the temporary workaround - I will let you know if we get the same results. As for ‘testing it with someone else’, I would more that happy to try to find a solution.

I also would be happy to give a test session a try.