VST Connect Pro 5 crashing project

I’ve got a large template.
Imported a bunch of tracks into it (from a project I’ve already got in progress.)
I’m simply moving tracks around in the arrange window, and I’m getting crashes every 15 mins or less.
What could it be?
The crash report keeps saying VST Connect Pro 5.
What shall I do?

(screenshot attached.)


please click to the “Show Log File in Finder” button to find the crash file and please attach it here. Meanwhile remove VST Connect from your project. Only add it when you need it. To remove it use the menu entry : “Cubase / Menu / VST Cloud /VST Connect PRO / Remove VST Connect”.

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This time it happened when i was simply expanding / hiding a folder visibility in the sidebar of the mixconsole window.
Cubase 10.5_2020-10-25-175546_Macintosh-2.crash (359 KB)

I also want to add this crash report too, happened after having removed VST Connect per your instructions. The crash report doesn’t say it was caused by VST Connect, but I’m curious…
Cubase 10.5_2020-10-25-193142_Macintosh-2.crash (321 KB)

… hm. I am trying to reproduce that one. But no luck. Do you have an easy repro? You don’t need to be connected. But you need to some VCON recordings.

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I’m not sure I understand what you mean.

The issue has gone away after removing VST Connect, per your instructions.
The template is quite large, and I brought in a lot of tracks from another project.
Then I move tracks around in the arrange window, or expand folders in the sidebar of the mixconsole, and the problem happens.

For some reason this error is being caused by having VST connect open in the project.

Are you asking me to record something over VST connect, and then try make the problem happen again?
Would that allow you to trace the issue more closely?

Is there another error logging system that can help us create a more detailed crash report?

Repro means to ‘reproduce’ the steps that time and again will produce the error. So if I was to follow your exact steps, I’d also get the same error. This helps the devs nail down the issue to something a little more specific.

I know. It’s not clear what he’s asking since this is clearly not an easy repro.

Here’s the Repro from my end:

  1. create a very large template with multiple plugins, from steinberg and 3rd party developers.
  2. open a new project using that template.
  3. import a lot of tracks from a different project (not sure if this is even necessary)
  4. finally, rearrange tracks in the arrange window.

The crash report simply says it’s VST Connect… and the problem goes away when I remove VST Connect from the VST Cloud menu item (per the instructions given near the top of this thread.)

Hi shagazulu,

Thank you. Yes, I’ve seen in the crash log that it will crash when tracks are removed or re-arranged. But I am not able to reproduce it :frowning: But I don’t give up.

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Thanks Michael.