VST Connect Pro 5 experiences please. Is it worth it?

Hi Guys
There is no trial version of VST Connect Pro 5 and in South African money, it’s a lot to buy if it isn’t up to scratch.
I work in TV post on Nuendo12 (win10 64) and it would be great to let my client be in on the mix from their location and Voice artists to record from their studio. Presently we send video once the mix is done for approval via file sending sites
Is the quality of the audio better than an online meeting, Zoom, Skype etc? I have fiber 200up/500 download and clients all have fast lines for file sending too.
I have the SE version that comes with the DAW but that is not good at all. Very clunky as some have said.
Please will you share your experiences working with VST connect Pro5

Thank you

Thanks to the pandemic, I’ve done several projects with VST Connect Pro 5, the most intensive being a 16+ hour (finished) audiobook which took about 3 months to record.

My experience was all-in-all pretty good! I mean, I was a able to get the project done. It was NOT glitch-free, however.

I was working with non-computer people and we were 2000 miles apart, so getting them set up over the phone was an initial challenge. We also had some connectivity issues and possibly hardware problems (they were using an old Apogee One and we were never able to get talkback happening on it, a problem I’ve never had with other hardware). But once we got started things generally went well.

In the problems department: there were a few times where upload/download of the full-res files did not happen. I was never able to figure out why. In one case I was able to get them from the reader; in another, inexplicably, that wasn’t an option and I had to fudge a half hour section with the lower-res version on my side. That sort of situation obviously is/was not optimal, but I made it work and ultimately things were ok in that case.

All in all, I’m grateful for the software-- it made an otherwise potentially extremely problematic project possible.

I’d recommend:

  1. Get to know its ins and outs (especially the file-handling aspects on both the client and your sides) before embarking on a mission-critical endeavor. Practice with an associate! As of MY experience-- I haven’t used VST Connect professionally for a couple of years-- documentation was not very robust, but there was a VERY helpful “issues” page in the Steinberg.net FAQs. Can’t tell you exactly where off of the top of my head.

  2. Referring to the above: really get to know how VST Connect works on your side of Nuendo-- routing, mono vs stereo, tracking setup, etc. It works great, but is not initially intuitive!

  3. Monitor and participate in the VST Connect Pro forum here. What the software lacks in documentation is made up for by the devs’ participation online.

  4. If you’re doing an extended project, download as you go (if time allows). That way you can nip any potential transfer issues in the bud. I found that giving the software a rest every few hours (ie, re-booting the project) seemed to help keep things running glitch-free.

All in all, if you’re going to be doing remote projects and your client-side is at least a little tech-savvy VST Connect Pro is amazing. Takes some work, but in my opinion it’s absolutely worth the effort.