VST Connect Pro 5 - Now available

Ok, clear now; thanks.

In the apple appstore only VST Connect Performer 4 is available. If I try to connect there’s an error because of the different versions.
PC Connect Pro 5 and iPad VST Connect Performer 4.

That’s a show stopper. :frowning:

working on it


Hold on. It is working. VST Connect PRO 5 can connect to a iPad Performer 4. Are you up-to-date with the Performer? You need version 4.0.40.
Only the Video-Stream of Cubase/Nuendo will not be sent to the Performer 4.

Can you tell us the exact error-message?

See you,

Yes, now it run’s with VST Connect Performer and Nuendo 10.3

I’m connecting to an internal house-network, but the host must connect with steinbergID.
If once the connection has been disconnected by the performer, the shown key in connect pro does not work any more. I have to disconnect the connect pro and initialize a new connection with a new key.

If the performer disconnects from the connect pro, the connect pro shows “connected to ffff:” even, if there is no connection any more.

But now it works with some inconsistency. Thanks.

I connect my iPad with Connect Performer with a belkin lightning to ethernet adapter. So the connection is better synced than over WLAN.

Will the new VST Connect run on a machine running Nuendo 10.x under windows 7. Nuendo is running fine.

We don’t support Windows 7 officially, but it appears to work ok afaik.

Thanks for reply.

“That’s great”, Because, since I got the previous version, it doesn’t work. I get black screen and can’t work with it. I contacted the support six months ago, also reminding them several times that I need an answer quickly. No reaction. I think it’s a cheek to treat your customers like that. Vielen Dank Steinberg!

well, Win 7 is not supported, system requirements state that; and updating to win 10 is what you should do, like many others, works just fine for me on 10 different systems.


start a new thread here giving DETAILS and people will try to get you up and running. Steinberg support are not great at supporting VST connect - but people here have a lot of knowledge

Yeap, Windows 7 is gone. Appalling in my view…I just trashed a 2K computer because NOTHING works with Windows 7.

It’s a 10 year + computer but worked fine. I needed an upgrade, but I wish I could do said upgrade on my own terms.

But, Microsoft withdrew all support for Windows 7 as of Jan 2020, ASUS withdrew updates for Windows 10 on my Motherboard, hence, Windows 10 is now not compatible with my motherboard, and Cubase 10 and up refuses to work with Windows 7 unless the very latest service pack is updated, which update is now deleted from Microsoft.

I was going to get Windows 8 , but that’s also out of circulation, and support for W8 is ceasing in two years…

My two cloned drives with Windows 7 pack it in, and that was it…

Tried to start from scratch with Windows 7 Ultimate, which I have, and it was an unmitigated, absolute and catastrophic disaster.

Thank God I am not in the middle of a project…

I don’t know how can these companies be OK with forcing people to trash their hardware!!!

I don’t know, I think some other train of thought has to be implemented here.