VST Connect Pro 5 - Now available

Dear forum members,

we are happy to announce the immediate availability of VST Connect Pro 5!

The fifth version of our remote multi-track recording solution now lets you stream video from the video track in Cubase or Nuendo, allowing you to record the performer on the other end for film scoring, language dubbing, composing for video and other situations.

This new version also features a resizable, redesigned user interface that integrates nicely with Cubase and Nuendo and supports high-resolution displays.

Check out the VST Connect Pro 5 product page for more information.

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So unless you’re using video there’s no real reason to upgrade?

A comparison between VST Connect Pro 4 and 5 on the product page would have been handy. :thinking:

Lots of internal fixes and improvements, new UI, resizable and hiDpi support to name just a few.

Since I’m not working with video I can’t immediately see any major difference.

Is it possible to save sessions? (So the VST instrument used in a session is saved along with the preset for instance).

I work in different capacities with different people so Session preset functionality would be a reason to upgrade for me. For example recalling a session where I am playing a specific VST instrument with a specific preset, then for the next session I might do a vocal using a mic on a specific input on the soundcard. Without Session preset functionality I have to do manual recalls for each and every session. It’s not the end of the world but if you do a lot of sessions it really simplifies things.

we are working on saving plugin presets, hold the line.

Glad to hear that!

I would be even happier if you could save the whole session/setup (Session with Studio A, Session with Studio B and so forth) so you can recall everything, since the soundcard setup can be different depending on what kind of session you are doing.

Hmm… as for whole session/setup recall; I believe audio interface I/O configuration presets are still not saved (not included) with the Cubase project file, are they…?

Page 33 of the manual:-

Saving a Bus Configuration Preset

_You can save your own input and output bus configuration and the studio configuration as presets.

  1. Select Studio > Audio Connections.
  2. Set up your bus configuration.
  3. Click Store.
  4. In the Type in Preset Name dialog, enter a name.
  5. Click OK.
    The preset is available in the Presets menu._

And thats it… Which tells me these are (STILL.!) as blind as a bat as far as any associated project is concerned. So you’d need to have already defined suitable Audio I/O configuration presets that any new proposed VST Connect Pro ‘session/setup’ presets, can refer to… You with me…?

Which is not a big deal I guess; quite doable, of course.

Maybe there’s something more elegant/clever that could be done here… :wink:

I am sorry, my bad.

I am both a producer/songwriter and I use VST Connect Pro when I am on the producer side but sometimes I am a performer and on the other side, using VST Performer. It is of course Performer that needs a Session save feature.

Maybe there needs to be a companion to VST Connect Pro - VST Performer Pro? :wink:

All Performer settings are saved with a session - and this will be true for plugin presets which are supposed to be saved in an upcoming version.
The latest settings (when not connected) are opened when starting Performer, and when disconnecting, and saved when leaving the app.
So to answer your question: there will be no option to load a session for a different session, that would be complicated and confusing or even damaging (different scenarios). But you should be good to go quickly once you can save plugin presets, which we also plan to offer later.

Is there a VST Connect SE Version 5? When I install I get version 4.

I love the concept, I love the new features (sending video is AMAZING), but it just does not work. The iOS app crashes and fails all the time. The Performer can’t connect 99% of the time and can’t remember the mixer settings. The plugin makes Nuendo to work slowly. I can’t understand why such a great concept is release every year in alpha state.

So you are saying that when I am a performer - my soundcard settings are saved in the connected partys Cubase session?

If that is the case there might be a bug because the settings are different from time to time for me. I have done a couple of performer-sessions a couple of days in a row with the same person and I’ve had to set up the routing in Performer every time. :thinking:

Also, a couple of times VST Connect Performer has defaulted to the webcam microphone no matter what I set the mic input to, which is really weird. :open_mouth:
Luckily I was doing remote production at those times so it was ok for communication but if it had been a vocal session I would have been toast.

So you are saying that when I am a performer - my soundcard settings are saved in the connected partys Cubase session?

No, Performer sessions are stored on the Performers’ computer separately for each session. A session here means the Cubase/Nuendo project that you created once. If you use the same project with several Performers, it may well miss settings, because the stored i/o etc doesn’t fit the other client. This is why it is recommended to always create a new Cubase/Nuendo project for each client (Performer), and song.

Also, a couple of times VST Connect Performer has defaulted to the webcam microphone no matter what I set the mic input to, which is really weird.

It doesn’t usually do that, but may be because of aforementioned problem.
VST Performer remembers i/o settings in related sessions as described above. When you leave a session (close connection), the current state is saved for that session, then the default session is loaded again which is what you get when you start the Performer app, and what is saved when you leave Performer. Thus, this is also the base when connecting to a new (Cubase/Nuendo) project.

So are Performer session settings linked to Network Login ID…? For example, after I’ve launched Performer and I choose the correct Network Login for my session I’m about to do, it goes and grabs the last known session settings associated with that ID…?

Lets say, I never use Cubendo - I’m a Logic user. I only use VST Connect Performer my end for VST Connect ‘sessions’.

EDIT:- Ok; just been re-reading the manual - VST Connect Performer, section 5.7 ‘Settings’ - Under Auto save, it refers to the Performer Project. What are these called/can I name (or re-name.?) them.? Where do I look for them.?

So basically it’s considered “normal” that the performer has to write down and change the settings all the time if the performer work with different studios in different capacities?

Hi @Musicmould - the manual isn’t overly clear, but I have been reading about ‘Performer Project’ files, in which settings per VST Connect session are saved (during Auto save and when the session is closed/disconnected). I’ve just asked @musi in my note above where these files are found…

That’s not what I said at all :slight_smile:
Settings are saved with the Performer project (related to the Studio project on the Performers’ computer). To answer the other question, it’s in users folder/VST Connect Performer, and there, the folder with the last name that was given the according Cubase/Nuendo project.
Thus, when a Performer works with different studios, it should get those settings it had the last time it disconnected from that studio and that very session. New sessions start with current settings. When disconnecting Performer, it loads the default project as explained before. Btw it is not recommended to mess with PerformerProject xml files, anything can happen if you do and we take no responsibility for that.
And as also said before, Performer plugin presets will be saved using the same rules in upcoming versions. For now, you are advised to use the plugins’ preset management.

On Windows this would be Documents/VstConnectPerformer. The manual does not mention this because you should not want to deal with it anyway, with the notable exception of the “Get Local HD” function which you point to a copy of the Perfromers’ project folder whith the same name as the Cubase/Nuendo project.
As already mentioned, it is a good idea for the Studio to always create a new project for every song. Not following this recommendation does no harm though, it just makes finding the folder more difficult. We are also about to provide a function that creates a zip file of such a folder, such that you can unpack it on the studio side and present to the “Get Local HD files” function. In general, nothing of all of this is of any relevance when you just use Get HD files during a connection - or not use it at all (SE version).

Thanks @musi

So as long as the Studio uses the same project name, if they should now want to pick up from an existing session last week that had to be cut short, as soon as I launch Performer my end, I’m good to go… Or will Performer load with the settings I used two days ago in a different session/Studio entirely.? The latter is what the manual suggests will happen…

Thanks for your patience/attention with all this - as you can tell, folk are still seeking/asking for those ease-of-workflow methods… :wink:

Not sure what you mean related to the manual. Fact is, when you connect to a Performer it will search for your current project and find it (even if you renamed it in between). It will then load the last saved settings for this very project. It also doesn’t matter what else you did with other Performers. So in your example, it will load its settings saved last week.