VST Connect Pro 5 - Windows 7?

I know the new update (Vst Connect Pro 5) will officially only work with Windows 10. But is it worth trying with Windows 7 or is it definitely not working? (Vst Connect Performer 5 also runs on Windows 7.)

… please contact me (m.spork (at) steinberg.de). Let’s see what we can do.

I have the same problem. I am currently on Win7, and a move to Win10 requires hell of a lot of new hardware in my music room. So it will have to wait until the next computer-build -which deffo will not be done before the pandemic is history. My friend however - is on windows 10, on the performing side. I would like to use Connect Pro 5 within Cubase 10 on my win7 platform. I need to know that this can be done before splashing out for the pro-version. We tried it with the SE, and got error-messages, so he had to roll back to an older version.

Not worth a try. Vst Connect Pro does not work with Windows 7. 4.0.45 is also not. 4.0.44, on the other hand, is safe and stable to use.

Hi everybody,
are you working on Cubase or Nuendo.
I work on Win7 and Nuendo 10.3. I want to buy VST Connect Pro. I do not want to upgrade to Win 10 in near future.
What could I do if VST Connect Pro 5 would not work , could I downgrade to 4.0.44?

Probably there aren’t many differences between versions 4 and 5 reg. Windows 7, just give it a try. Better to upgrade to win 10 though.

But there is one more question.
In download section of Steinberg’s Support page it is stated
VST Connect 5 requires Cubase Pro 11.
So Nuendo is out of business for a while?

… that’s wrong. The information SE is missing. Correct would be : “VST Connect 5 SE requires Cubase Pro 11”. I’ll inform the web colleagues.
“VST Connect Pro 5” works with Cubase 7.5 and up and Nuendo 8 and up.

See you,

Hi! I work on windows 7 and Cubase 10, and I don’t have VST Connet 5. When I try to connect with my client (a performer), I see this message VST_connext_error|375x500 . The client has windows 10 and Cubase 11.
Is it possible to solve the problem with window 7 or should I get windows 10?

what version of VST connect and VST connect performer are you using (don’t guess boot up it up and click on the Steinberg logo)

need this info for both you and your client

(normally worth starting a new thread for new problems - easy for people to miss otherwise…and nobody wants to wade through lots of posts to get to your specific issue : ) )

VST Connect Pro 5 does not work on Windows 7. I just did a Windows 10 installation today because of VST Connect. Connect Pro 5 works perfectly under Windows 10.
For Windows 7, I recommend VST Connect Pro 4.0. 44 (Performer and Pro). You can work well with that.

yes but @St.Sound says

so that isn’t the issue