VST Connect Pro Blank (Black window)

I just bought VST Connect Pro 4.0.44, installed. Opened in Nuendo 10.3 and 10.2:

The VST Connect editor is completely black… No nothing…

Rebooted … tried lots of usual tricks… nothing…

Screen capture for ref

AMD Rysen 9 3900x
ASUS Tuf X-570 plus
64 gig
NVidia 2070 super

are you using multiple monitors ?
if so then try moving the plugin to the primary monitor (you may need to restart the plugin)

Yep, when my nuendo is on the main monitor it works… Thanx a lot for the trick!

bad programming though …

… sorry, we are working on it!

Stay tuned,

Thanx Michael. I think it’s the first time a member of the development team acknowledges a bug an reply to me! Kudos!

I too am using multiple monitors and VST Connect PRO v 4.0.42 (and Win10 Pro) but I noticed a slightly different behavior/issue. VST Connect PRO paints up just fine on both monitors when I use the menu to select VST Cloud>VST Connect PRO>Open VST Connect editor.

However, when I use an assigned Key Command to “Open VST Connect editor” it only paints up correctly if the VST Connect editor was last closed on my main (left) screen. If it was last closed while it was on my right screen, it fails to paint up correctly and instead only shows a black window.

So, using a Key Command as opposed to the N10 menu system results in two different behaviors.

I hope this helps you to further diagnose the issue.

This is still happening to me on version Connect Pro 4.044.360. Blank on all monitors. The ONLY way to get it to work is to switch to generic editor, then back again, but only on primary monitor.


yes, the workaround is to open VCON 4.0.44 always on the main-screen on move it your second one. We have fixed it. But I don’t know if we have fixed it with version 5 or with the Hotfix 4.0.45? Have you tried 4.0.45? Download-Link

Attention : Version 5 will only work if you have a valid “VST Connect PRO 5” license.

See you,