VST Connect Pro does not show in Cubase 10.5 [Solved]


I just purchased and install VST Connect pro. The VST cloud does not show VST Connect pro and still it say VST Connect SE.

I tried to activate it by entering activation code in my licenser control center. However, it say my code is wrong.

Is the code suppose to be 32 character? My code is only 25 characters!

Any help would be appreciated.

I’d contact Steinberg through your MySteinberg account for activation support. If it’s saying it’s wrong they’ll likely issue a new one

I just found the answer. Since This was not purchase via Steinberg website. I had to go to mystinberg>My products page and enter my serial number in “Enter download Access code”,

to get my elicenser 32 character long access code.

Great news! :smiley: