VST Connect Pro doesn't work properly

hi there,

im having a latency prob whenever trying to record my friend over vst connect pro.

video is fine, performer is fine - when he plays there is no latency on his side but only on my side -
whenever recording I hear him with huge latency, also talk-back is with huge latency.

we both on last CB versions and Vst connect and performer versions.

is there something to do about it?

Happy to help with trouble shooting, but you do really need to add a bit more info, such as OS and comp specs. Add it to your signature to save having to write it out every time.

Also, screenshots of your settings, inc arrange window, vst connections window and cubase control panel, inserts panel. Confirm that neither you or the performer have anything internet bandwidth grabbing running n the background.

Many here will be happy to run live tests with you to help you trouble shoot :slight_smile:

also make sure you DO NOT have input monitor enabled on the record channel

you need to use the control room and ALL monitoring needs to done via the control room VST connect monitor plugin

see here: https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/360012899079 for more details