VST Connect pro either does not send any sound to performer, or does but with a annoying noise

I just recently bought a licenese for VST Connect pro and have now been trying to set it up. I have gone through tutorials in youtube how to setup VST connect pro and and gone through the manual for setting up the system.
There is something wrong with the sound being broadcasted over internet; I am trying to play the song (one stereo track) in the project and then record all vocals on top of it though VST connect with a singer who is not able to sing it in my studio.

The problem is that after setting up the remote connection (talkback works, and I can record the microphone) but when I put on the track consisting the song (without vocals), either nothing is heard and the whole system kind of hangs or a more annoying thing is that the performer end can only hear a VERY loud whirring kind of tilted sound. So obviously the connection somehow is broken and the data gets corrupted on the way from studio to the performer app. To be more exact, it is possible to talk (or sing) to the microphone while recording is on and it gets recorded at my end (studio) but the song heard on the background is completely unusable.
I have rechecked my settings and they seem to be ok. Im using the right routing in Control room. Also of course the track itself is ok. I have also opened the corresponding UDP ports in my firewall (even though this is not being done over lan, but rather over internet). I have also tried two different laptops with the performer app installed (With and without an external audiointerface).
Getting out of ideas. Nothing seems to have any affect so maybe the problem is in the software… One possible hint might be as I tried to tamper with the buffer (from 128 samples all the way to 1024) on both, the studio computer, as well as on the laptops, I got different kind of results. Sometimes even a bit better result on playback but it is still very much distorted, or sometimes I just completely lost the signal for some time (needed to reboot and so). They did not correlate to the amount of buffer size, though. Can you please help?

My system Specs:
-All these systems are used with other Cubase related projects with no problems.

Windows 11 Pro, 22H2, ver.22621.1105 64bit
Cubase Pro 12.0.51 Build 391 64bit
VST Connect Pro 64bit
I7-10600K, MSI MPG z490 motherboard
32gb DDR4 3200Mhz RAM, NVME ssd,
Steinberg UR-C 816 (USB-C 3.1) (Boot V1.00, Drivers: V2.1.1, Main 2.0.0, dspMix 2.0.0)
Internet connection: 30mbps Down / 30mbps Up

VST Connect Performer -end:
Windows 11 Home 64bit 22H2, ver.22621.1105 64bit
VST Connect Performer v. 64bit
I7-9750H, Lenovo laptop motherboard
16gb DDR4 3200Mhz RAM, NVME ssd,
TASCAM US-16x08 (USB-A 3.0)(Driver 4.00.0064, Firmware 2.00.0022)
Internet connection: ~10mbps Down / ~10mbps Up

Another VST Connect Performer -end with exact same problems:
Macbook Pro Retina Mid 2015
MacOS Big Sur v.11.0.1
Core i7, 2,5 ghz
16gb DDR3, 1600Mhz


My first guess is that you are running low buffer sizes on the Studio machine. Low latency is not required and even possibly getting in the way; VST Connect synchronises the streams, so try to increase the audio driver buffer size (latency) in the first place.

Things are different on the Performer side; it’s best if Performer listens thru Direct Monitoring if available, then larger latencies for the Performer audio interface are of no concern either. But from your description it is more likely that the problem lies with the Studio side.

Second, depending on the connection quality (not speed - that is almost never the issue), you may have to raise the Remote Delay setting in VST Connect/settings, try 2 or 3 seconds.
If none of this helps, feel free to report again.

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Because of all disturbances, this took some time to figure it all out.
But yes,
In the end it was all because of too low latency on recording computer as well as in the performer end. Also, It is goog to make all adjustments before making the actual connection. This system is not too stabile and tampering with connection or latency, or let’s say control room settings, tend to crash the system and only way to reset is just wait until the network has reset also and it seemed to take so long that I needed to just come back the next day.
My final settings are latency of 2048 samples in recording as well as in performer.
This means that you really need to have direct listening to make working possible. Luckily I have possibility for that so all is now good. Thank You for your Help!