VST Connect Pro (Error) No Inputs Found + Master & Studio Slider Channels are constantly Fluctuating High Level Signal

Hi Guys,

Has anyone experienced the following in VST Connect Pro?

Using VST Connect Pro, all of a sudden from a working connection situation > Input / Output and recording, I am now getting the following error >>>
When activating the Red Lit Record button on top panel right, next to FX & Pan on > Mic channel under RECORD section I get (Error) “No Inputs Found” + Master & Studio Slider Channels are constantly Fluctuating High Input Surges? … if though I press Mute? … the Input Level Surge’s Stop? … until I un-mute that is?
Right now I can’t though record any Audio from the Performer at all - where is I could previously?
Everything is working regrading Talkback & Cue Signals + Control Room seems the same?
I have run the repair tool with no success?

Thanks guys,

Whatever the problem, it appears to be on the Performer side, so you cannot fix it with ‘repair’ etc.
There is no such message “No inputs found” cast from VST Connect, neither plugin nor Performer. Pls let us know the exact wording of the message so we can possibly check where it originates. To me it looks like there is a problem with the input source on the Performer side. Did you try to restart Performer? Have him check all audio and interface connections.