VST Connect Pro - LAN ?

Hi and Happy New Year!

I am trying to test the Demo version of VST Connect Pro 4 with Cubase 9 on a LAN, but have had no success. I admit I’m networking novice and that may be why I see no LAN button. However, if I connect my computer/ DAW directly to my sons computer/DAW using a 50 ft. Ethernet Crossover Cable will that create a LAN that the VST Connect Pro 4 demo will recognize?

Not sure if that will work. Usually, both computers are connected to the same router/switch; then, when the Cubase computer has started the VST Connect plugin, the Performer gets the LAN button lit green (top right login view, to the bottom) which can be clicked to connect.

Thanks musicullum,
As usual, I’ve complicated the obvious by watching the wrong YouTube how to videos. We just started form scratch and the network was easier than I anticipated. So now everything works.

great, good to know!