VST Connect Pro latency

Hi, I trying to do this setup with vstconnect pro in my studio.
I want to record a vst performer and a musician en my studio at same time.
I thought in this setup, let me told you:

I have a track with all the music recorded to send to the vst performer placed in another country, (using cue mix) and at same time I want to send this same music track plus the performer track to the musician placed in my studio, (using another cue mix too).

The question is, Is it posible to send a CUE mix with the same sync like the vst performer to the musician placed in my studio, in other to I could listen them all together.

Many thanks, Jesús Calabuig.

That should work. Note however that the Performer can not hear the musician in the Studio at the same time; that would be jamming, which VST Connect explicitly does not support.
So: Producer and a Guitar player are in the studio. Guitar player can hear and play with Performer in sync.
Performer plays Bass and hears the playback from the studio, but not the Guitar player. Guitar player gets a cue mix of playback and Performer (bass player) and should hear both in perfect sync. Producer can listen to both.