Vst connect Pro Midi Issue

I don’t write English very well, so please forgive me for any mistakes!

I have VST connect pro with cubase pro 10.5
I managed to configure it and connect with a friend, only to record midi.
I receive his audio signal perfectly, he hears the playback of cubase.
Everything is fine !

But when recording midi, the data of the sustain pedal (cc64) are shifted, I have to adjust the controller curve manually. Very annoying.
Another thing,
I receive the midi on a track with keyscape, there is a huge latency on recording but not on playback… while I receive the audio signal of his piano vst without latency on recording…
Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve these problems?
Thank you in advance!

the performer NEEDS to monitor midi LOCALLY with a LOCAL vsti - you can’t use the ones installed on your studio computer

Thank you DR
Yes my friend monitor midi with a Local vst in the performer. I get it.
I can hear the audio return of this vst in perfect sync during the recording…but not the midi which is out of sync!
And the cc64 events are offset.

is the “huge latency on the recording” because of the buffer size on the Performer ?

I’ve tried different buffer size…64/128/256…same thing
I’m going crazy with the sustain pedal offset, sometimes it works and sometimes not…

are you sure the performer is monitoring locally ?

start with a blank project and use the VST Cloud menu and don’t change any monitoring options

Yes, my friend has a vst loaded in the performer and I can hear the sound of that vst…
I’ve tried a blank project…same thing !

Just testing this now …and I think I’m getting the same issue as you

Thanks Dr,
It’s nice not to be alone :slight_smile:
Do you have the same problem with latency or cc64 offset?
For me the most annoying thing (when we are recording a piano midi track)is the cc64 lag

I’m getting it with the entire midi performance - gonna start a new thread

Thank you very much !!!

I’ve tested it locally via ethernet… same thing.
The midi is well recorded but not the cc64 controller which is out of sync…and there is always a huge latency when recording midi but none with audio!
I’ve tried every settings…

Just to be clear …

When you are recording MIDI you hear everything in sync OK ?

when you play back the MIDI recording EVERYTHING is out of sync ?

No, it’s the opposite,

during recording MIDI I hear the sound out of sync.
When playback, the midi recording is in sync except for the midi controllers (sustain pedal).
The sync light is always red when recording.

ok - different issue to the one I’m reporting - just out of interest how out of sync is the sustain pedal ? would it be the same as the “delay” setting in VST connect (default is 2 seconds I think)

Usually more than a beat.
I’ve set the delay seconds to 0.3 (by ethernet) and the sustain pedal is in sync for the first time !
I’ll try with my friend online… but I think a delay of 0.3 will be a problem !

are you saying it behaves differently on the LAN compared to the internet ?

No, it’s exactly the same problem with lan or internet.


yes, sorry. It’s a bug. But it is fixed. The fix will be added to version 4.0.43.

Have some nice days,

thanks Michael

is this the same bug as : Midi data out of sync with audio - VST Connect - Steinberg Forums ?