VST Connect Pro troubles

Just purchased and installed Pro and I cannot hear the artist in the control room (headphones).
I use SE and all is well.
Any ideas?

Thank you.

hi Larry

that’s a little odd - are you sure the settings are the same ? How are you adding VST connect PRO to a cubase/nuendo project ? Are you using the “vst cloud” menu ? Are you using the cubase/nuendo “control room” feature ?

take a look at: https://connectvst.com/ and see if the routing chart makes sense. There are a few reasons why you wouldn’t be able to hear the performer in the Studio.

Do you have the VST connect monitor plugin correctly inserted in the control room ?
Do you have the “monitor / Perf” control correctly set ?
Do you have the audio inputs set correctly in the Performer app ?
Do you have the “record” levels correct in the VST connect PRO plugin ?
Even though you can’t hear the performer are you able to record them ok ?

Sorry for so many questions but as I say if you work your way though it methodically I’m sure we can get PRO working for you

Also you should definitely download the latest beta from https://connectvst.com/

Thank you for the reply.
Per your suggestion I did read the complete connectvst.com information.
And as you know with these things one little difference can make all the difference.
But yes it was in one session with the exact monitor, in, out, settings where se worked and Pro no go.

Odd thing is it did not work twice and after I posted attempted again and acted as expected.
So I took your advice and downloaded the beta (loop recording a good thing) so I might be on the road to recovery.

Thank you.

good to hear :slight_smile:

(no pun intended!)