VST Connect PRO versus SE


I spent a few hours over the Christmas break getting VST Connect up and running. I am running Cubase PRO 10. I am relatively confident that during those sessions I had access to “VST Connect PRO”. I say “relatively confident” based that I was able to set up/build a 10 channel input bus within the VST Connect mixer session, and pull files across post session.

This morning as I am trying to trouble shoot why I cannot expand the input channels, why I lost my studio preset to do so, and why I have zero control over even arming tracks, I eventually realized that my CB 10 PRO software is now only providing VST Connect SE.


VST Connect Pro is a separate product, you would only have access to it if you downloaded a trial license for it, available at Steinberg trial versions | Steinberg

Thanks Steve. Cripes, “I” need to upgrade “my” memory. I can’t even recall if I actually downloaded a trial version on VST Connect PRO or not. Assuming I did I will also assume that I’ll have to buy the product.

Do you have any idea if VST Connect PRO comes with Cubase 11 PRO? I also need to purchase that upgrade. Might as well do it all at the same time and/or at once if I can grab VST PRO with 11…I will go and look that up.

Like I said, it’s a separate product.

Thanks again Steve. I was able to grab the “trail version”, and all functionality returned.

I will acquire the actual product today to avoid the run out of the trail version. This product and functionality (once configured and operational), is too good not to have :)!!!


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