Vst connect pro video screen

Black screen in windows on video screen in the vst connect in the 5.5.4 version.
Correct in the version 5.5.20

We need way more details. On which side is the black screen? Are you using the PRO version? If so, did you check assignment of video views? What devices are connected in the settings/video source…and so on, every detail helps. You may try to delete app data settings as a first attempt.

Only in the vst connect pro trial 5.5.40 black in the video screen…no logos on there.
In the performer all ok

How to delete all in app settings?

In the 5.5.20 vat connect perfermer trial all runs well

Now I paid for the pro version. Not trial.
The screen in my best connect is always in black. I show you a foto

I delete vstconnect.ini from…roaming/…
Still not working.

Your picture clearly shows that for “Main”, “No view” is selected. Select what you want to see there.

Black view 5.5.40
Things view 5.5.2

While that may be true, it does not narrow the problem.
Your pictures are also not of much help as they show different situations and I don’t know what the video view in the extra windows shows.
In the second picture all 3 views are set to “Cubase Video”. While that is probably not what you want, it should show the video track playback in all 3 views. If the video has a black frame (or no event) at the current position, a black screen is to be expected.
In other cases, we’d need to know what you have set “Video Device” to, and if or not you are connected to Performer, and any other information, the more, the better. Also the exact version number (click logo), and if ever possible, describe exactly what you do and what happens or does not happen as expected, thanks.

My screen is always black. I show you in a little fotos. Opened session link and my screen is always black. You can see me in the performer MacBook session. I know how it works because the 5.5.20 was working “well” but the 5.5.40 that happens.

[Uploading: IMG_20230104_173516.j

Version that not runs properly
Las version installed with cubase 11.0.41 tha works “well”

This is VST Connect?

The lower picture shows a camera view. What is it?
I see black in the settings view, is the main view also black when you close the settings?
What do the pictures show, hard to tell. Again, we understand your screen is black and it works with another version but pls. provide more text information, what is your system, graphics card, are you connected, what is your video device (cam), did you try other video sources (screen share) etc. etc. Pls try to provide information in the form

  • start Cubase (which version?)
  • Create empty
  • Create VST Connect
  • open VST Connect Settings
  • set “Video Device” to - what? cam, model pls
  • set Video “Main” to “Video Device”
  • close settings - black screen?
  • try the large view, also black?

We don’t see those problems elsewhere, so it is not easy to find out what is wrong and we cannot access your system, so we depend on your informations. No need for more pictures, rather describe what exactly your pictures show. Thank you.

ok, My english is limitated. Sorry.

Hardware: ntel(R) Core™ i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40 GHz
RAM: 16,0 GB (15,9 GB usable)
SO.: windows 10 22H2
CUBASE 11.0.41
CREATE VST CONNECT PRO 5.5. 20.661 all screens do what suposes the they do.

Thanks for the information. Unfortuanately we still don’t know what exactly the problem might be.
One thing could be that you have two graphics systems (Intel and NVidia), but for problems with the graphics card, there should be a message (we assume you don’t get any warning or other messages). You might try to switch the primary GPU system.
But if version 5.5. 20.661 works good for you, what are you missing from that version? Put differently, what keeps you from using that version if it works for you?

We checked through all changes that were made for video, and there are only very few. Most deal with ADR overlay which is not applicable in Cubase but only Nuendo.
The other fix we made was for VST Connect SE where the Performer view was missing (but not in PRO).
And no other user has reported problems of your kind. This leaves me to suggest to use the version that works for you, or try to assign a different graphics card to VST Connect should your system allow you to. Good luck.