VST Connect pro, what a waste of money!!!

After having got the new CP9 and loading it, I thought that what I had initially seen was pretty decent!

That was until I tried to run VST Connect Pro!!!

I should have known better because when I tried to create a new VST Connect Pro session I get the following pop up message message!:

Information, VST Connect is not installed correctly. Please re-install!

I have re-loaded the update and still get the message, so I think that its business as normal for VST Connect Pro, which has earned Steinberg money but not me!!!

Can anyone help with this or is VST Connect a costly dead duck??

Just to be safe I have also posted this message in the VST Cloud forum"

Jim B

For what its worth I use VST Connect (not pro) and it works as advertised.


please don’t double-post. I’ve answered you here: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=221&t=107726

See you,


Thanks for the response, and I double posted because I wasnt sure if it was a VST Connect or Cubase 9 problem!

Jim B

Hi all,

Well it would appear that the only way to get a quick response is to double post, because I have had nothing on this issue:


I tested and added more information over the weekend but have hadno response up to now!!

I will probably get kicked of for being a naughty, albeit PAYING, customer, but what the heck, if it gets an answer!!

I am getting more and more dissallusioned with either the early untested release or the support level on this problem!!

Jim B

I had the same problems with VST connect SE (not pro). I just loaded the vst connect plugin as an insert on a channel then ran the set up that way, only had to do it once. It seems to be OK now.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the information, I will try it tomorrow and let you know what happens!

Steinberg, please take note, we are trying to solve your problem between us so, if successful we will be sending you an invoice for Beta testing services!!!

Jim B


can you please open your “VST Connect SE/PRO” version? Click to the logo - lower, right corner. Which version are you running? Is it If not, please update your version.

Download here

Info : Since version 4 we changed VST Connect SE and PRO to a universal binary. I.e., the VST Connect binary contains both products. The licence will decide which version you can run. So, all VST Connect SE users can download and install version as well.

Please keep us posted if it works for you now.

Here is a post I made last week:

I am running Windows 10 (as it says in my sig!)
I deleted the prefs folder and after rebooting CB9 I actually got VST Connect Pro to work, but only once!!
When I tried a new session, an hour later and after closing down my computer, I got the “VST Connect not installed correctly” message again.
So I trashed my prefs AGAIN, thus loosing all the changes I had made to the appearance of CB9, and again, VST Connect Pro worked…sort of!! Lots of break ups, crackles and such but, hey it was a step forward!!
Came to try another session today and, AGAIN, I had the “VST Connect not installed correctly” message, so AGAIN I trashed my pref folder, and AGAIN I lost all the changes I had made to CB 9 , but this time the performer couldn’t hear the track I wanted him to play to at all??? He could hear my talk back and I could hear his talk back and drums, but that was it!!! I had used (to the best of my knowledge) the same settings that I had to trash, but it was no good.
So on my OP I said that the VST Connect programe was a waste of money and, since your email, I have seen nothing that persuades me otherwise!!
I don’t know how it works in Germany but I’m pretty sure that, if you have to trash prefs EVERTIME you use some software, then that software is NOT ready for public release!!!
Another of your points regarding wether or not the VST Connect PRO is installed, in the plug in manager it shows VST Connect PRO, but in Plug in information (programe plug ins) it says VST Connect Pro???
It also shows that v is being used but it ONLY shows VST Connect Pro checked as active?
So in summary, you ticked me off for double posting, and yet have NOT offered anything like a solution, so I feel that I am perfectly entitled to give you and Steinberg a ticking off!!
I will await a response, but I wont be holding my breath, and I will be warning off any potential purchasers of VST Connect Pro because, as I said in my OP, it is NOT working!!
And if there is not a response by Monday afternoon I will re-post this entire post in the Cubase 9 forum to see if that promotes a reaction!!
I answered your point about which version I was running then!
So basically, it still doesn’t work because I had it installed as you said I should!
Anymore ideas?
Jim B

That’s the problem. PRO and Pro. You can please check if your version 3 was removed from the 4 installer?
C: // Program Files // Common Files // VST3 // Steinberg // VST Connect PRO
… is this folder still available? Please remove it.

C: // Program Files // Common Files // Shared Components // vstconnectpro.dll
… is this file still available? Please remove it.



to sum up:

I have removed the VST Connect Pro file from //programe files//vst3//steinberg//vst connect pro

I have looked for:
//Programe files//common files//shared components //vstconnectp[re.dll, and couldnt find it!

I checked that VST Connect PRO was available in plug in manager
I checked that VST Connect Pro was still in Plug in information?

I started Cubase and activated VST Connect PRO, and got the same VST Connect is not installed properly, please re-install!!

I then trashed prefs, and tried again.

VST Connect Pro opened this time, but surely the trashing of prefs EVERY TIME I want to run VST Connect is a MAJOR ERROR so the VST Connect Pro is still not working, or as I earlier describe it, a pile of expensive junk!

I am now getting very disheartened with the technical support and response of Steinberg, as I am not given any SOLID advise and the programe is still un-usable!

Over to you …again!!

Jim B