VST Connect Pro with USB microphone (Shure MV7)

Actors or singers do not understand how to handle the audio interface. Does VST Connect Pro work with this USB microphone? Is it possible to sing to a music without latency this way?

mac or PC ?
does it have an ASIO driver ?

It may work

A feature of a USB microphone is that the audio interface is built into the microphone. The headphone jack is also on the microphone. Therefore, there is probably no latency. One artist uses a Mac, another a PC … The point is, they don’t have to worry about technical details.

I’m not convinced your explanation is strictly correct ( :slight_smile: ) (sorry - long post coming up!)

It depends on the latency you are talking about ? - if you mean the latency from VST connect that is introduced by the internet connection…well nothing can be done about that. If not, then read on.

Latency comes from A/D conversion (and D/A when you monitor the feed) - but the main source is the drivers. They need to ‘buffer’ the signal as they process and ‘pass it on’ to the DAW. The mic you linked ‘may’ have some kind of direct monitoring but that’s not going to help with VST connect.

On Windows ASIO drivers are normally preferred as this driver model . It’s was designed by Steinberg to offer the best latency/quality. If you are using windows then any interface/mic(!) that doesn’t supply them is really best avoided.

ANYWAY - yes, it might work - but you probably won’t get the low latency you are looking for.

In an effort to simplify the process for your artists you are likely to make it more complicated because it won’t work quite as well as you hoped…

That mic has an xlr out so you might be ok with it if you bought an interface ?
that mic would work in an iPad. You could try the IOS version of VST connect performer ? …at your own risk of course :slight_smile:

Of course, I’m not talking about delaying VST Connect.
Audio interfaces typically use direct monitoring to solve latency problems. If there is one in the shure microphone, it will work.
This is how I use VST Connect - not with a microphone, but with a Focusrite or Audient audio interface. This way it works without latency.

Semantics I know, but that’s not Direct Monitoring in an ASIO sense - that’s a local feed, back to the output bus, although I accept it amounts to the same thing in this instance :slight_smile: And focusrite call theirs “direct monitoring”.

Either way, if you think that will work for you then go for it - you could use ASIO4all if need be.

Personally I wouldn’t …just sayin’ :wink: