VST Connect SE 2 - How to setup midi recording

I’ve searched the manual but It doesn’t say anything about Midi recording, it only talks about recording audio.
The template included in 7.5 is the same for 7.0 just audio.

I need to know how to setup VST Connect for midi recording.

I have already connected (using the template) two computers but I need to record midi.


to record a MIDI-Device which is connected to the Performer’s Computer you have to select the Device in the settings tab first.

on the Performer side
→ connect the MIDI-device and install drivers if needed
→ open the performer app
→ click on the cogwheel symbol
→ click on the “config”-tab
→ click on “MIDI input” and select the connected MIDI-device

on the Cubase side
→ set up a VST Connect recording environment or use the template
→ establish a connection
→ create a new MIDI-Track and record enable it
→ set its input to “TB/Performer: Ins. 1. VST Connect SE - MIDI Out”

hit record and track the MIDI data of the performer in Cubase.


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Thanks for the reply!

You’re welcome!
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