VST Connect SE crashes and closes Cubase!


i’m not able to get a stable connection to my clients. I’m on C10.5.12. I can connect to a performer, can talk and play my music to him. i can hear him. I can record him… sometimes 2-3 times, sometimes 10 times. But anytime VST C crashes and closes Cubase too.

I still can work fine on C8 but not on C10.5.12.

Can you help?

pls check the new version to be rolled out very soon. You may also PM me for betatesting the release candidate.

…or better goto connectvst.com

I tried everything from this site.

Also the latest version from today?

Not yet… a new version of C? I’m on C.10.5.12

I do not own PRO because C7.5 and VST C SE worked fine for me a long time. Than from one day to the other i didn’t get any connection to my clients. So i tried 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5… nothing worked stable. i tried different systems (win7 and 10), i tried different computers (right now I’m on ASUS Prime H370 with i9700, Win10 64), i tried different clients and all versions of Performer. C crashes after a short period of time.

It’s not my PC and not my network which causes the problems. I found a solution with one of my main clients running C8.0.4 (VST C SE3) and Performer (v3). But that’s not satisfying. I switched from ProTools to Cubase just because of VST Connect. Now - after a long period of time with trouble - I’m thinking of getting back to PT.

I’m working as a professional TV mixer. I do a lot of voice over recordings and i was using VST C since 2010. Now I’m forced to use Session Link Pro because it’s embarrassing if your system is always crashing.

pls try to install the new version on both ends, connectvst.com

meanwhile you may also want to contact m.spork (at) Steinberg.de for help on licensing.