VST Connect SE issues: "low gain" and "no mono input"

Hello folks,

I have 2 questions about VST Connect SE

  1. When I use the function “Create VST Connect” it creates a stereo input bus on VST connections. I want a mono input, how do I create it? I moved the VST Connect plugin to the mono input bus, but then the talkback failed…

How do you create a vst mono input for VST Connect SE?

  1. The input gain is too low, regardless of how hight is input gain on the audio interface… What tips can you give me to improve or optimize the gain level?
  1. creating a mono input and inserting the VST Connect plugin there should work. What do you mean by “talkback failed”, yours, or the Performers’?
  2. Again: your input gain or the Performers’? We cannot adjust the Performers’ input gain, this needs to be done on the Performer end (as opposed to almost any other setting that can be controlled from the Studio).
    Things to be aware of: when you engage Talkback, the Control Room Dim function may reduce your monitor level significantly. Make sure the topmost dials of the VST Connect plugin interface (cue, dim, talkback) are set accordingly and watch the Control Room and cue meters.
    In general, you are advised to learn the Control Room, it’s worth it - don’t like reading manuals either, but there are exceptions, and this is one of them :slight_smile:

Hi Musicullum. You seem to be the king of this part of the forum. Your name is everywhere. Thank you for replying.

  1. I will try this manual creation of the mono input.
    1.5. By “The talkback failed”, I mean the performer couldnt hear me anymore, even though I pressed the green button. Maybe its a rookie mistake… Im hoping it is.

  2. I´m referring to the input gain on the performer´s recorded signal. His gain is all the way up on the audio interface, but the recorded audio is too low, even if I move the input gain on Cubase´s input channel and audio track.

Regarding the control room, yes. You are right. I do manage to use it pretty well, and for me its always on, no matter if I´m recording, composing, arranging, editing, or mixing, so I´m pretty familiar with it. The listen bus is pretty useful for a lot of things!