VST connect SE issues


Tried using vst connect se for the first time tonight but couldn’t get it working successfully. It managed to connect fine but the audio sent to the performer was glitchy.

All the ‘leds’ were showing green - and both send and recieve buffers were full. We were able to send video successfully at 768. Both talkback mics were glitch free thoughout and the coming from the performer was fine it was just the playback audio to the performer that was glitching. The performer also reported that the ‘led’ int the top left of the performer app was lighting up although I’m not clear what this represents.

I have 30meg downstream and 3meg upstream
performer has 10meg down and 1meg up


dropping the audio/video quality to 128 for audio and 64 for video (both ways)
upping the latency buffer to 10 seconds
turning ASIO guard on / off
upping the latency of the audiocard on both ends
using the VST Connect SE template with a random mp3 - so there was no load on the system

none of these made any difference.

very occasionally I also got a message saying that there wasn’t a valid VST Connect SE cue mix plugin in the project…although there was and it was saying ‘connected’

win7 64bit etc etc.

help !

That’s strange. All of your parameters seem fine! Could you be more specific about “glitchy”, is it dropouts, strange noises…? How often does it glitch, occasionally, constantly, once a second, or…?

That’s also strange. It means that the cuemix plug (which sends the playback) is not always performing as it should (which in turn would explain why there are dropouts). Some more questions: what is the Performers’ platform, OSX or Win? And what is your ASIO buffer size, mayby raise it a bit? More than 2 seconds for the VST Connect Remote latency doesn’t make sense, but ASIO Guard is better switched off, and the ASIO buffer size may have an impact.
If all else fails we could arrange a test connection with you to try to further nail it down.

Thanks for the reply:

By glitchy I mean dropouts. Probably or twice a second. All the changes I made had no effect. Including raising the video bandwidth to 768 (both ways) problem didn’t get any worse.

Normally run the cubase PC with 32 samples latency (rme raydat) and NEVER get glitches. Raised the ASIO buffer to 4096 - no difference.

At the performer end (rme hammerfall -win7) raised the ASIO buffer to 4096 also - no difference. Tried enabling the internal sound card and using ASIO4all - no difference. Moved the rme card to another performer PC - same problem.

If I monitor the “performer mix” channel it’s glitch free. Glitches appear between cue plugin/Internet/performer PC

I’d put it down to a bandwidth issue if it wasn’t that video and talkback was fine and all ‘LEDs’ were green and buffers full.

ASIO guard on/off makes no difference.

PS v7.0.1 / 1.0.1

It would be great to do a test call. (PM me)


wasn’t sure if there was some kind of clocking issue going on - I’m clocked locally via w/c. Performer’s sound card was clocked locally to an ADAT interface. Both 44.1khz but can’t quite work out how they could clock ‘sample accurately’. with two different clock sources. That still wouldn’t explain why talkback and performer signal were fine ?!