VST Connect SE: Low audio input gain & weird eco

Hello Folks.

Im new with VST Connect SE. The setup is pretty easy and intuitive. I was able to setup the monitoring mix and record audio.

However, I have three questions:

  1. Audio input was too low. The artist had his input all the way up on his preamp, but I still got a very low signal. Why? How can I improve it?
    I even tried using the “gain” sliders on both the input channel and the “performer track”, but to no avail. I even added 60dB between the two gain stages and nothing happened.

  2. There was a severe echo on the performer´s mic, like a “long distance internet call” kind of echo. It wasnt latency because I could hear him and the there was a repetition about 1 second later. What is that? How do I fix it?

  3. What would you recommend to optimize VST Connect recordings?