VST Connect SE menu inactive


I’ve been working with VST Connect SE for a few days and have the following issue. In the VST cloud menu the VST Connect SE all options are inactive other than create VST connect. Is anyone able to help?

2012 27in IMAC IOS Mojave Cubase 10.5 all latest updates.

Thank you.

So did you apply “Create VST Connect” yet? These options become available only when VST Connect is active, either after you applied “Create VST Connect”, or when loading a project with activated VST Connect.

Hi thanks for your reply. Yes I have created a VST Connect.

Never seen this. Could you provide more details? Check if Control Room is activated, and if the VST Connect Cue and VST Connect master plugins are installed there. Also do you have a PRO version? make sure not to confuse SE and PRO then in the menu.

i have this problem too, with Nuendo 10.3
are the options only avalible with a established vst connection?


Hm? Have you installed the “VST Connect 5” update? Maybe this troubles your VST Connect SE 4 version?

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I’ve been dealing with the same problem. Having a variety of issues and only Create VST Connect is available, despite an active connection. Running Cubase 10 Pro with last last version of 4.?? Were you able to resolve?

Pls specify: what do you mean by ‘active connection’? Are you connected to a Performer? If so, can you see and hear him or her? Then there’s nothing to worry about?
Best to describe some more details, else it’s wild guessing. And as always: start with an empty project, apply “Create VST Connect” and connect. Does that work? Also check VST Connect: In depth information and troubleshooting – Steinberg Support for latest versions and a lot of tips.