VST Connect SE not reliable

It seems like every time I really need to do something with VST Connect SE it fails. Today trying to record a super simple single vocal over a single audio track. When I hit record the sync light goes red and I hear a humming buzzing sound and the performer is muted and doesn’t record. The moment I hit stop I can hear the performer. I’ve successfully used VST Connect SE in the past and I know how to setup all the audio inputs. To me it just seems unreliable. It’s also embarrassing to setup a session with an artist to ultimately have a frustrating experience.

Both the performer and I are using the latest version 4.0.45, I’m running Cubase Pro 10.5. This is just frustrating, it would be so cool if it would work reliably. Also, we both have Spectrum cable internet with above average download & upload speeds.

Does anyone have any advice? I’ve tried adjusting the remote delay and no help.

Can you try updating to the latest version (V5 not V4) and let us know the result.

I use it a great deal (Pro version) and have very few issues re connection. Keep in mind that both you and the performer need to ensure there are no other apps running in the background that are using the sound card or eating up your internet bandwidth.

Connection quality, i.e packet loss issues, ping time are all key to a smooth session. Connection speed is less of an issue as I’ve been able to work with clients who only had access to a 1 mbs line.