VST Connect SE/Pro and VST Performer Integration with Dorico

Hello guys behind VST Connect / VST Performer,
This tools works great in Cubase, but as a VST Connect Pro user I would really love having it working with Dorico, too.
I would like to share some ideas about future integration of both apps with Dorico:

  1. Dorico SE could be used alongside with VST Performer
    (While VST Connect SE will be available in Dorico Pro / Elements. If paid VST Connect Pro should be available in all versions of Dorico)

  2. In Dorico we don’t need Audio Recording via Internet, but we need another important function

  • When Dorico SE is connected to Dorico Pro, or Elements over VST Connect/Performer, it must become fully functional Pro, or Elements.
  1. Project/Session synchronization On/Off option will be needed, in order the both (or multiple) sides are working simultaneously on different Parts, Flows(Movements) or other aspect of the same piece (like someone is notating another one is engraving the finished parts).
    After the project is synchronized all participants should receive all changes on their computes .
    If the synchronization is turned on all the time, the changes should appear immediately everywhere.

  2. VST Connect (at least Pro) should be able to handle multiple VST Performer connections in
    case more than 2, or 3 project participants are working on the very same project.

  • In a large symphonic work, or opera more than one composer could be involved, or composers + orchestrators and engraver

I hope we could see VST Connect / Performer working with the next major release of Dorico - version 4! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,