VST Connect SE questions


haven’t tried to use it yet but as far as I can make out it’s stereo only with a talkback and video. Does that mean stereo incoming with additional talkback both ways ? ie can you record stereo guitar plus have a talkback.

is there a recommeded webcam for this (win7)

is there any documentation for it ? anywhere apart from that youtube video ? the cubase 7 docs don’t seem to mention it

At the time beeing, you can only record either mic or instrument (unless the Performer uses an outboard mixer). A dual mono option is planned. But there is a dedicated instrument channel to record from; when this is activated, the Mic channel is for talkback only and muted during playback/recording.
You can download the VST Connect SE Performer application free of charge, it has a question mark button (just like the VST Connect SE plugin) which brings up the manual.
webcam: no recommendation, any should do. I found that some of the cheaper Logitech models work better than some other expensive ones…

That’s great, thanks.

I found the PDF manual hidden in a folder on the hard drive.

If the talkback is muted during playback/record does that mean you can"t discuss what you’ve just recorded whilst playing it back ?

It should appear when you click the question mark button, no? That should work for both the Performer application and the VST Connect SE plugin.

  • the Performer Mic is muted during playback if and only if the “Instr.” channel is active
  • the Engineer (Studio) talkback is also automatically muted during playback/record, but you can override by clicking the “Talkback” button next to the talkback knob.

my fault - was blind to the ? button

I’m going to be attempting to use this for (electric) guitar overdubs - the option of a low quality talkback from performer to engineer during the take would be useful. It’s nice to be able to hear them whine when they make a mistake !

Other things that would be nice would be a post record / offline full quality 32bit .wav sync of selected takes - probably out of the scope of the ‘free’ version but I would have thought it was fairly straightforward to implement.

thanks again for the help.