VST Connect, Studio Pass not connecting

I’m connecting to a VST Connect SE host (OSX 10.9.2, C7.5.2) with VST Connect Performer client (OSX 10.9.2) with just minor issues (it won’t work with 48kHz). But I can connect with 44.1kHz so that’s not my question. My question is that why I am unable to connect with my iPhone5’s Studio Pass to this same host? Client Mac and iPhone are in the same network and host is via internet.

I get an error message in Studio Pass “Can not connect.” But I see in the host that it connects something, it gets the name of the iPhone, but then it disconnects when Studio Pass gives the error message.

I’ve opened the 51111-51113 ports and directed to the right ip addresses in both ends.

+1 on this. I’m having the same exact problem, iPhone says “Can not connect”. On the cubase side it shows the name of my phone like its about the connect, but then drops.

+2 on this exactly the same issue as above. “Can not connect” then drops. You see the app trying to connect in Cubase and everything turns green apart from control room and Performer sync. then drops. iIve tried opening ports UDP 51111 through 51113, turning firewall off. No joy.
I’ve manage to get Cubase connecting to VST connect performer on another PC just fine. just not the iPhone app
Only issue i have with that is more times than not Cubase tells me there is a Sample rate mismatch even though both computers are at the same rate, 44.1 or 48k.


The iOS “Studio Pass” app works only with “VST Connect Pro”.
Studio Pass : https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/studio-pass-for-vst-connect/id734468931?mt=8
VST Connect Pro : https://www.steinberg.net/de/products/vst/vst_connect/vst_connect_pro.html

If you want to connect your iOS Device with “VST Connect SE”, you need the “VST Connect Performer” app. Please notice that this app is only available for an iPad.

We are sorry for the 48 kHz issue. This problem is solved in the upcoming “VST Connect Performer version 2.0.40”. It should be released next week.

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was this ever fixed? im still getting sample rate mismatch. using vst connect pro.
beyond irritating!!

are you using version 3 yet?

no i think it’s 2.0.0 - didn’t know there was a three. does that fix the problems?

Most probably. Note that both sides must use version 3 then, Performer is freely downloadable.


I own VST Connect Pro and I am also getting the incompatible error message with Studio Pass. Is there a version fix on the horizon? Any word?

Thank you

I too own VST Connect Pro and when I enter the key in Studio Pass on my iPad the message says “Sorry, you can not connect within your local network” Clicking LOGIN a second time and the message changes to “Studio with Key … is not logged in!” Ok, how do I log in? Clicking the Network Login button in the Studio just generates another key. It doesn’t log you in to anything. It’s just plain crazy. There should be one button to generate a key and a different button to LOG IN.

This software has enormous potential, but the documentation for set up and problem diagnosis is terrible, and the messages are often bogus. Before giving this app to a client, you have to test it to make sure it is easy and foolproof for the client to set up. That is not easy, even if you are tech savvy. Steinberg, you need to fix this connection stuff. It’s a disgrace.

The message clearly states that you try to connect globally within a local network.
If you want to create a local connection (only possible with the PRO version), you click the LAN button in the Performer application instead. The studio computer must have Cubase or Nuendo started. This is well documented in the manual (click the questionmark).

musi, you are not understanding my problem. Clicking the LAN button in Performer is not relevant because I’m talking about Studio Pass not Performer. I do have VST Connect PRO as I clearly indicated, and I do have Cubase 8 and VST Connect PRO running on my Studio PC, following the manual to set up VST Connect Pro for an existing project. Clicking the the LAN button in Studio Pass (on the iPad) pops up the ip address for the Studio PC, and clicking on that should connect, but it doesn’t. Clearly, Studio Pass knows where my studio PC running Cubase and VST Connect PRO is because it presents the ip address when I click on the LAN button in Studio Pass. What I get is “Local connection failed” and/or “Sorry, you can not connect within your local network”. Shouldn’t I be able to connect within my local network since I have VST Connect PRO on my studio PC. Your comment about this being well documented in the manual is offensive. I am a software engineer and the first thing I do is read the manual. The manual is not a good manual; it is a warm and fuzzy marketing document for the most part, weak on diagnostics. There is not much to configure in Studio Pass, and once you pass the Key from VST Connect Pro, and click LAN (sometimes referred to as the “Connect” button) in Studio Pass, that’s it. So, the problem has to be in the router or the config for VST Connect. Since Studio Pass knows the ip address of the PC running Cubase and VST Connect Pro, and since I have no firewall on my Linksys router, and since I’ve routed ports 51111-51113 to the studio PC as suggested in the manual, the problem is unlikely to be the router. That leaves the problem to be in my config for VST Connect Pro. From Cubase, navigating to and clicking on “Create VST Connect” is supposed to set up everything brainlessly: TalkBack and Cue on the Studio tab of VST Connections, and VST Connect on the Inputs tab. These new entries show as “Not Connected” and I’ve been told not to mess with these or overthink these connections/buses. But, this seems to be the only logical place to look for what is causing my problem. So, I take screen shots of everything and try to send to support at Steinberg after logging in and diligently filling out the support form. I get “Oops, an error has occurred!” from the open source content management system Steinberg is using. Over and over again. As you can appreciate, I can’t suggest a client use Studio Pass until setup is rock-solid and simple. So, I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t be using/testing Studio Pass on the iPad, and I try to set up Performer on the iPad, but with exactly the same bad results, i.e. “Sorry, you can’t connect within your local network”.

I’m sorry, but there is no such button in Studio Pass.

There is no such button in Studio Pass. and an IP adress popping up is what happens in the Performer only and never within Studio Pass. This is what led me to beleive that you were talking about the Performer app.

There is no such button “LAN” in Studio Pass. Studio Pass does not know about your PC because the local networking functionality is not built into Studio Pass at all. You keep messing Studio Pass with Performer, which indicates that you also use Performer somewhere.

This message is also not ever exposed with Studio Pass but with Performer only.

That message on the other hand is thrown when you aquire a key and input that on Studio Pass or Performer connected in the same local network. It never works this way, for a local connection you must use the LAN button (which is not available in Studio Pass).

Yes, but not with the free Studio Pass app, it requires any version of the VST Connect Performer application or app.

Whatever the quality of the manual, I am just trying to help you, I wouldn’t call that offensive. LAN and Connect are two separate entities, so “LAN (sometimes referred to as the “Connect” button)” does not apply. I would like to learn which button in Studio Pass (!) you actually refer to in the first place?
You are right that there is not much to configure. As you were constantly referring to items only existing in Performer I was assuming that you were referring to that and not Studio Pass. For a local connection with VST Connect PRO and any Performer Version you create a blank project, apply “Create VST Connect” and click the LAN button in Performer to select the provided address, that’s it.

No it doesn’t. Studio Pass has no such functionality built in.

You don’t need to open or forward router ports, and unassigned buses are ok but this has nothing to do with the network connection anyways. All you have to do is to use Performer instead of Studio Pass.

This is because you are not using the LAN button in Performer. You don’t have to (and should not) get a key in the Studio plugin, just fire up Performer on the iPad after you started VST Connect PRO on the Studio PC and click the LAN button on the Performer and you’re done.
Sorry, can’t help you with support, we are just programmers trying to help…hope it does.