vst connect v4.0.41.215 won't install on OSX Catalina

just trying the latest beta on osx Catalina but it won’t install

“vst connect performer.pkg cant’t be opened because apple cannot check it for malicious software - the software needs to be updated. Contact the developer from more information”

(be good to get a change log too :slight_smile:

… the beta installers are not notarised (GateKeeper). We do it only with final installers. You know the “trick” to install it?

  • Hold down the “Control” key (ctrl) on your keyboard and click the installer package.
  • Choose “Open”.

It works?

yep - thanks Michael

installed via system preferences > security > general tab…all is good :slight_smile:. (not normally a mac user!)

the last beta was notarised ?