VST Connect / VC Performer - Mouse Roll-Over Tool-tips

Hi Forum members

I tried to use VST Connect for the first time yesterday.
I see in the VST Cloud forum there is no Feature request section there, so i post here:

If I roll over with the mouse in the VST Connect Windows, or at VST Connect Performer Software, there is no help at all.
I am used to learn software from childhood by discovering and not by reading manuals, even worse, we have to watch videos nowadays.

So the usage of the VST Connect is something that could be definitely improved.
Any functionality or button where I could do something interactive could use a Tool-tip when I roll-over with the mouse, so the user’s learning curve is faster.
Cubase has these things, but VST Connect and VC Performer do not have those settings.

Thanks for giving me feedback that you understood what I am writing. digital communication is like writing it to the trash if you get feedback like

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Better if you describe in your own words what you understood.

Have a good day


You cannot make another post so soon after your last. HAHAHA I know I can post faster than machines think

I am happy for any reply, like e.g.: “I have read your post and I like to inform you that it is not ignored.”