VST Connect & VST Connect SE - Solution Thread

This should do:
Take your existing project.
a) create an Input (Devices/VST Connections) with your TB (Talkback) Microphone as input source, name it “TB/Performer”.
b) insert the VST Connect plugin into the corresponding Input channel (not an audio channel, it has to be the Input channel). Its input is what the Performer hears (your TB Mic, along with the playback), its output is what comes from the Performer (which you want to hear and record).
c) create a group channel, label it “To Performer”. Make sure its output is routed to your main mix output (default). Insert the VST Connect Cue mix plugin here.
d) for each track that the Performer should hear, send to that group channel (just like you would send to a reverb fx channel, for instance). I prefer to use real sends here, not multi-output routing.
Whithout beeing connected, when you run Cubase, there should be activity in this “To Performer” Group channel. Once you assured that, lower the Volume of that Group channel to zero (you don’t want to hear it, only the Performer should), but do not mute it.
e) create an audio track, named “Performer Mon”, its Input source is the “TB/Performer” Input, output to main mix (default). Engage the white/yellow Monitor button (next to the record button).
Now connect. Make sure the “Talkback” button on the top left and the TB rotary knob are engaged.
You should now hear the performer via the “Performer Mon” audio track/channel. The Performer should hear you (your TB Mic is sent via the VST Connect plugin in the Input channel). When you run playback, the Performer should also hear whatever is sent to the “To Performer” Group channel.
To record the Performer, create further audio tracks with the “TB/Performer” Input, but don’t activate the monitor button there (to avoid confusing echo), just use the record buttons (Preferences/VST/Auto Monitoring should be set to “Manual”).

This may sound a bit complicated but in fact that is what you also do when you record somebody next door: provide a headphone mix (“To Performer”) of the playback and send your Talkback Mic to communicate. The one difference here is that recording and monitoring the Performer must be split (one “Performer Mon” channel with active Input Monitor, several record tracks with just record activated).

Of course, hardware i/o and connections on the Performer side should be set up correctly, you can remote control that in the Performer Setup. Also, do not mess with settings that you don’t fully understand, eventually delete preferences (/appData/roaming/Steinberg/VST Connect SE.ini).

Hope that works…if not, drop me a PM, so far we have sorted out each and every problem :slight_smile:


You probably activated the “Mon” (loopback) button on the right. Don’t.
The next version will warn you when you activate that function, because you should really know why you’d want to do that…
VST Connect SE.zip (12.2 KB)

Thank you. I’m really excited about this new feature as I know many musicians from all over. Also, it will allow me to be even MORE of a hermit!

thank you musicullum. you da man!

I would love to get this to work but every time I load the connect se plugin on the group channel, my cubase crashes requiring a restart of my mac just to reopen the project

What is your OS version? Probably, 10.9 (Mavericks), there are many problems with that, and this is most probably one of them. We are working on a solution. The current VST Connect 1.3 comes with Cubase 7.06, which is also not certified for Mavericks, sorry.

ok thanks. Thats correct, I’m running Mavericks. I look forward to the update

tried two hours with a friend yesterday.

all we got was you arent conncted messages, while we were seeing the knobs getting turned by the other user

and I heard myself and everything no audio could be send received…

I dont want to go into details, I just hoped it worked right out of the box :frowning:

Well the engineer has to have some basic understanding to set up his own and the Performers’ connections (if the Performer is sufficiently skilled he can set his own up as well). So without details we can’t help. If you start Cubase, load the VST Connect template, connect your mic and set Performer audio device and input, that should do, pretty much almost “out of the box”.

I’m having a strange issue where I can only hear the “recording person’s” talk back mic, not the performer’s audio. I use the Cubase template and have checked to make sure the settings are as described in the manual. When I activate the monitoring button on the Perform Mon. Channel it plays my mic, not the performers. If I deactiviate the monitoring button and put some audio on that track, it plays the audio, so I know it’s routed properly…

I’m also able to record the performer on the Performer Rec channel.

Any thoughts?

Most probably, you have activated the Loopback function (“Mon” button on the right side). This is only for controlling what the Performer actually hears, do not activate it for recording. The next version throws a warning when you activate this function for the first time.
Does that solve it?

Hi Musi!

Very Cool . . . . uh . . .when?

OK. Yeah, I missed that. Great.

I understand. I got a bit carried away in my post. That particular functionality - which you correctly interpreted - is really a whole different product requiring a ton of development.

My BIG Request that I buried in there was the “Rehearse” thing - though it’s not really a rehearse feature.
It would allow the STUDIO side to add things to the project while the Performer side LISTENED (only) in full fidelity.
And then, with a press of a button, the PERFORMER side could add something while the Studio side listened (as it already works), and so on . . .

Looking forward to it!!
Next week, you say??


Yep. Just as I thought . .

Thanks, Musi!


So I noticed connect pro is out supporting OSX 10.9, if I buy this product do you think it will work ok with Mavericks even though Cubase 7 doesn’t officially support it?

VST connect Pro should be included with Steinbergs “Pro” application Cubase 7! Is this Steinbergs future business model? Include a version that doesn’t work properly with Cubase (just look at this thread), and is a mess when it does, just to drum up business for an outrageously expensive “Pro” version.

I, for one, will not waste money on this and I hope that more follow suite, just to make a point that we don’t fall for this kind of behavior. If not it will not be long before Cubase becomes a collection of broken features that is only meant to drum up sales of expensive “Pro” versions of the features!

Cubase for €4000, anyone?

I’m sorry Svenne, but I don’t see anything in this topic that indicates that this doesn’t work. What I do see is a dedicated developer working to sort people’s problems out and helping them with setting this up.
It seems by far most people get this working with some help so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Feel free to make a point by not buying though.

… VST Connect Pro runs fine with Mavericks, but it needs Cubase 7. And the current version 7.06 has some problems with Mavericks. In fact, you could run in problems when you run Mavericks, Cubase and VST Connect Pro. But the upcoming Cubase update will fix that.


This new thread dedicated to VST Connect is probably worth a look:

Most probably, you have activated the Loopback function (“Mon” button on the right side). This is only for controlling what the Performer actually hears, do not activate it for recording. The next version throws a warning when you activate this function for the first time.
Does that solve it?[/quote]

I had direct monitoring set on the UR824. Once I undid that I was fine. They should probably include that in the “quick start” instructions somewhere…

Thanks for your help.

Thanks Michael looking forward to the update. VST Connect is something that really appeals to me, I can’t wait to get it going