VST Connection disappeared when opening a saved project


I just opened one of my saved projects (worked on it two days ago), and suddenly one of my instances of PLAY (from Eastwest) is completely gone. It was the 9th VST Instrument, and I had loaded 9 different drum patches in it, and tweaked them quite a lot. Now, the midi tracks are left, but they’re not connected to any instance of PLAY. See this picture for reference:
As you can see, the 9th slot is empty. It wasn’t before…

I loaded up a .bak project and therefore managed to save the PLAY preset and then import it into the project again, but this took quite some worktime and I don’t want it to happen again.
I’ve also had a similar issue lately that the VST connections get changed when loading saved projects. To give an example;
If a MIDI track was assigned to VST Instrument “9”, it might have been changed to VST Instrument “7” the next time I open the project. I there have to check all midi connections before I start working, to see that all is correctly routed.

Has anyone experienced something similar? Is there anything I can do to fix this?


I think, there is a similar topic in the Cubase 8 forum (I’m 100% sure, it was also with EastWest). Search for it there, please.