VST connection lost

Got this message many times :frowning:
What does it means?< :confused:

Sometimes it also changes to “Generectic low ASIO-driver”
and refuses to go back to my Roland Quad Capture interface.
Have to shut down computer and then start again
after i got into /devices/F4 VST systems/ and check it´s ok, and then it will work again

Don´t understand how to fix the problem
any ideas what to do? :confused:


instead of shutting down the computer, try to open Devices > VST Connections, and check the settings here. If it seems, there is a correct settings, but the sound is not audible, just remove Stereo Out from the Output tab, and then add a new Stereo Out bus, and connect it to your audio device.

If it’s happening many times then you should maybe look at your connection…
Are you using a hub? If yes…Is it powered? Is the usb socket you’re connected to usb2 or usb3? have you tried a different cable?

Also check the advanced power settings, make sure USB is not set to save energy by powering it down. The connected sound card would then lose connection.