vst connection problem

I recently have a problem with cubase 5 detecting my ci 2 in the input and output busses, it is not there, I have checked all the settings on my pc and they all are set properly to the ci 2 . I am frustrated as to what to do, any help would be greatly appreciated. Rick

So in cubase/devices/device setup/VST audio system you have the ci 2 asio driver selected?

If you can’t see it try reinstalling the driver.

Thanks, I have already done that with no success

In cubase/devices/device setup/VST audio system/CI2 - you have to tick “visible” for the input and output to be able to see them in the “VSTconnection” window dropdown list.

So is the c12 driver showing up?

Thanks for the help, it was changing the aiso in the device setup that cured the problem happy creating