VST connection problem


recently I’ve tried to use my keyboard device - samson carbon 61 - to manage the control room main volume and the headphones one.

So I opened the device setup and then generic remote, and I put the fader 1 as volume master and fader 2 as headphones volume master, eventually in the VST connection I set the 2 outputs.

until here everything’s ok, it worked. the only problem was the command “mute 1” in the “generic remote” section which suddenly got assigned to the sustain pedal; to deal this I just changed the command number from 64 to 63, as showed in the picture, and saved the change.

now here’s the problem: since then, every time that I open cubase, I need to set the command number from 64 to 63 to avoid the sustain pedal issue. in other words, I guess that it doesn’t save anything.

I clicked “apply” and “ok” and I thought it was enough…

any ideas why? is there any other way to avoid the sustain pedal being assigned to the mute command?

screenshot 1.png