VST Connection settings

VST connection settings saved with project file?? When??

MONO/STEREO button on created track?



Which “VST connection settings” are not saved with the project file, and why do you want them saved?

For example: I have RME HDSPe RayDAT (adat interface) connected to the Yamaha DM2000 VCM.
When I record or mix I use my digital outboard gear directly from console. (TC 6000 and Lexicon 960L are connected via AES into DM2000). In that case I dont use ANY “external fx” connections inside nuendo. Adat 1-32 are my I/O for recording/playing back.

When I master, I use different nuendo template. TC 6000 I use as external fx, DM2000 is digital router in this case. AES 1-8 is converted to ADAT 1-8.
You cant use the same I/O ports if you enable extern fx routing. So… I/O 1-8 is ‘Not connected’. Okay. But if I open mix project again (or any other with previous configuration), VST connection doesnt change! I have to change this shit all the time, few times per day. Veeeryy annoying!

I hope you understand what I mean… :mrgreen:

Ah, got it.

Was really hoping there would be a solution for this in N10… When using external FX in project “A”, if you open another project (“B”) which uses some of those same I/O for inputs and outputs, your external FX routing is wiped out when you reopen project “A”. I was at least hoping for presets in external FX so you could recall the routing in one go. The only workaround is to continually replace the externalFX xml file with one that you save in a special place with the correct routing. Tedious, and it requires a restart every time…

+1 been asking for this forever.

+1 - this part of Cubendo dates back to the Middle Ages. It needs a major overhaul!

If its not already, add it as a feature request

I don’t often change my routing from project to project but a definite +1 for some updating to this area of the program.