VST connection window

I have an old setup, XP SP2, Cubase 5, TC Electronics Konnekt 24D. Many of my plug ins wouldn’t work in Win 7, so I run XP on a separate partition.
The Konnekt’s CPL shows 8 input and output busses, including Fabrik R and C, along with lines 3,4. The Cubase Device Setup page under VST Audio shows the same, with the additional ADAT ins and outs,now the problem is how to I route the Fabrik R and C.?
If I try to use Fabrik R as a send the mixer shows a “no Bus” message. If I add Fabrik R as an In and Out on the VST Connections Inputs and Outputs pages, it still shows a No Bus message.Why does the TC Near Control panel show the Fabriks as Ins and Outs, in what sense are they ? I tried to add Fabrik as an external effect bus and it sounded ok until I played it back and it was horribly distorted—why should it sound ok once , then crap ?? Adding an effect channel in Cubase when adding an Audio Track automatically adds it as an effects bus in the VST Connections “Group/FX” page.
Can someone please tell me the correct method.