VST connection won't show FX and group set up.. Help wanted!

Hi there fellow cubase friends,

trying to set up a quadro track to do some sidechaining in cubase artist 6 on the mac. But the VST connections only show the in and output. Where did the FX and group set up go?

Have tried googling and searching this forum for over an hour now, but can’t seem to find any info on it.

Thanks in advance!

Which specific version of Cubase? Trashed Prefs?

6.0.5 32 bit build 357.

What do you mean by trashed prefs?

You’re joking, right? :confused:

Why is removing the preferences of the sequencer not a sticky in bold type at the top of the forum?

How long have you been here and still don’t realize people NEVER read the stickies? :wink: Hell, they can’t even open their eyes in their own threads. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

That’s one answer :laughing:

Wow you guys. Thanks for all the not so helpful answers. If it is a stupid question why don’t you just tell me so and tell me where I can find the answer.

I have checked the trashed pref in your signature. But it isn’t clear to me at all as to why that should be the solution to my problem. I have taken away all the prefs but when I open a project again it is still exactly the same. I don’t see the fx or group settings just the in and out.

Would be great if somebody could take the effort to give some helpful clues.
Thanks in advance!

You may need to go into more detail as to what it is you’re trying to do and with what. Is it an older Project from a previous version or new?
What are you expecting to see?
Maybe it’s the settings for your VST Connections (under Devices menu) are not set up right or have been lost somehow.

I have recently purchased cubase 6 artist. I installed it on my new mac. Never before has cubase been installed on this mac. It is working fine. But when I try to set up a quadro track to organize sidechaining I don’t see any group or fx tabs in the vst connections (F4).
Some of the tutorials on setting up sidechaining in cubase 6 do have these options. And when I was working before on cubase 3 it also had these tabs.

It is a newly set up project btw. I expect to see a tab where I can add a quadro group track with a bus and childbus to set up the routing for a sidechain. But it isnt there. Is this because it is not the full version of Cubase 6 or is it just a setting somewhere that I need to change?

Ok… I figured out why I couldnt see the fx and group tab. It is simply because I have Artist 6 and it is only included in the full version…
So thanks for all the smart and ‘I know better’ answers but they didnt help at all…

Problem solved… topic can be closed.

Well if you’d put your correct version of Cubase in your first post (instead of going back and editing it later) then someone would have told you the answer sooner!!!