VST connections in the Mix Console view?

I added all my hardware I/O in Devices>VST Connections so I could make a template for my general purpose projects.

I see that they are all displayed with RED fader knobs in the mixer view. Can I hide them in the mix console view somehow? I want to have all my input buses available for recording, but after I have made the recording I am not using them.

I’d like to have them available in my inputs drop down list for quickly routing inputs when recording but I don’t need to see them in the mix view.

I have the same thoughts about most of my output buses. I need extras fro monitoring when tracking but most of the time I don’t need to see them.

Is there a way to hide all the extra buses but not have to eliminate them from my I/O setup?

Thank You.

I think I figured it out: Visibility tab?

Just hit “Channel Types” at top left of Mix Console and click on “Inputs”. The dot will disappear and so will the input faders! :wink:

Thank you!