VST Connections & MIDI Device manager change after crash

I dont know whats going on, but when I get a crash in Cubase I have to resetup my midi Device Manager & VST Connections. Thankfully much of this can be saved and I can just reload the saved prests for inputs, ouputs & studio, but the External Instruments and External FX do not have the ability to save configurations and they always come back with all of the Device Ports “not connected” and I have manually reconnect them all.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as its becoming really frustrating. Thanks.


All crashes come after some unexpected conditions, so “something is broken”. It would be more interesting to find why the crashes happen.

I don’t loose settings after a crash, but I always make Sure to reboot the computer after a crash.
Drivers that where not released by the crash can still be hanging. This can easily cause this kind of behavior.